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Our new flex platform builds on the foundations of xbim toolkit, our industry validated open-source, open-standards developer library.

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Experts in BIM solutions our xbim journey began back in 2007 when the xbim toolkit was born.  A trusted and verified open-source kit for the developer community the toolkit provides the building blocks to BIM enable software applications. 

Most recently we’ve created flex – this enterprise level platform builds on toolkit foundations to provide clients with a complete platform from which they can launch powerful BIM solutions. 

our solutions

flex, our enterprise platform

A cloud-based, OpenBIM platform, flex builds on the foundations of our original xbim toolkit. A powerful solution for our commercial clients that allows them to develop BIM enabled products quickly, cost efficiently and at reduced risk as we’ve poured our BIM expertise into developing core function requirements from which our clients can develop their own product specific user interface and process. 

our solutions

the original xbim toolkit

Developed by co-founder Steve Lockley more than 10 years ago the xbim toolkit is industry tested and verified.  Used by countless developers across the globe to power their projects the toolkit has OpenBIM at its core.

A free Open Source BIM Library for .NET software developers working with IFC, COBie and other OpenBIM formats.