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Friday, May 27, 2022

xBIM Xplorer

The xBIM Xplorer is a free, open-source IFC viewer that comes in two versions: stand-alone and web version.

Written in C#, the xBIM Xplorer was created to demonstrate the capabilities of The xBIM Toolkit.  It allows users to:

  • Open and view IFC files.
  • Navigate through a model to see detailed information of the building such as thickness of roof, number of doors, etc.
  • Show and hide parts of the building.
  • View a model in 360° degrees.
  • Export the IFC files as .ifcXML, ifcZIP files.

Below are some screenshots demonstrating the functionalities as outlined above.

Open, view IFC files and navigate through a model
This is the Wynne Jones Building of Northumbria University, in xBIM Xplorer.  On the left-hand side of the Xplorer, users can navigate through a tree-view to inspect the various properties of the BIM model. On the right-hand side, is the view of the building.

Show and hide parts of the building.
xBIM Xplorer lets users show/hide a part or whole parts of a building.

View a model in 360° degrees
xBIM Xplorer lets users view a building in 360° degrees.


This is a screenshot of a semi-detached house in xBIM Xplorer.

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