Scenario: I’ve received a Flex message from someone, how do I view and respond to Flex messages?


  1. Read the email message, look at the 3D views, drawings, schedules and other attachments in Flex
  2. Click on any of the things you’ve been sent, or on ‘See the full message in Flex’ and this will take you to Flex to look at them properly and reply
  3. Create a Flex account
  4. Review and act on the things you’ve been sent and reply to the conversation

We know that you’re sent a lot of digital building data by the people you work with on projects. Often you can’t open them because you don’t have the software, or the same version as the person sending you BIM data. With Flex you receive an email which shows you the 3D views and documents specific to a project you’re working on, along with a message. You’re not locked into any tools for BIM data exchange and can freely view, comment and take part in the conversation about that project model. 

How a Flex message looks in your email

You can preview the attachments in the email and then look at them in more detail and reply to the sender by clicking on ‘See the full message in Flex’.

You’ll be prompted to ‘Create a New Account’ in Flex. You can login using existing credentials or create a new account with a username and password. Just add your email address and create a password. Entering your name and surname will mean you’re easily identifiable in future Flex conversations. Just review, and agree to, the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the service and then you’re good to go when you click ‘Create account’.

Once you’re in Flex you will see the message you’ve been sent, along with who else it’s been shared with and all its attachments. You can view the shared BIM data, preview it and reply, taking snapshots and adding your own attachments and comments. Everyone included in the Flex message will see your reply, and you will see theirs.

Easily share views of data in an easy to use digital building information platform. Flex provides both a visual view of the building whilst allowing you to easily navigate the building and access schedule and property data. Flex makes it easy for you to be invited to have a discussion around your building data.

It’s easy to view and respond to Flex messages in xbim Flex.


The received message as it looks in Flex