Our Flex partners work throughout the built environment

Most of our Flex partners come to us with a ‘mission critical’ need. Our platform gives partners the opportunity to develop Digital Twin applications in the cloud using Open BIM

Our pre-defined modules help to speed up integration and reduce time to market.


Who we work with

We work with a wide range of companies within the built environment, some of our key market partners include:

Software Vendors

New software development or integration with legacy software made quick and easy.


Flex can help you gain a birds eye view of projects and building assets whilst reducing repetitive, mundane tasks through automation.

Main Contractors

Improve handover experience and efficiency, providing clients with future focused, beneficial handover detail.


Manage your building portfolios at the touch of a button with a robust AIM enabled digital twin solution, customized to your business needs and objectives.

Why Choose Flex:  

What's next?

Book a Flex Demonstration

If you’d like to see our platform in action book a short demonstration with the team, we’ll then provide you with free trial access for 30 days.

Attend a Webinar

Register for our  webinar catalogue where we’ll discuss some of the key functionality of Flex and its usefulness in specific industries or markets.

Talk To Us About Your Project

If you have a project in mind, arrange a call with us and we’ll talk about how we might help.