Working with software developers

xbim is the Github for Building Information​. Large asset owners use xbim across the design to operate lifecycle to improve how buildings are used.  We help our partners to build new openBIM solutions, accelerate product development and move to the cloud via our ISO accredited Enterprise Grade Microsoft Azure platform.

Through our combined 60 years experience in the built environment across design, construction, academia, standards and technology, we launched xbim as a cloud platform to build on the success of the open source xbim toolkit.

Our software development partners chose xbim’s Flex Platform as a Service (PaaS)  to build scalable cloud-based web solutions for BIM data. Flex is based on the xbim Toolkit, that allows developers to build web solutions for BIM data using the IFC OpenBIM format. Our skilled team can work with you to understand your development needs and offer guidance on our services that can support those needs.

Flex platform webkit

Using the Flex API you can:

  • Build web solutions that work with building data, using openBIM
  • Search, query and filter BIM data
    • search for and filter data across a portfolio of models
    • query and filter data in BIM models across domains such as levels and spaces
  • View 3D BIM models
    • visualize 3D models
    • federate models into a single scene
    • interact with 3D models
    • show interactive tooltips
    • select elements within the model
  • Navigate between domains e.g. find the spaces components are in and vice-versa
  • Analyse models and assets within a portfolio

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