Introducing xbim Flex Flow

Introducing xbim Flex Flow

In the last few months we’ve been developing a new service to help to automate many common BIM processes that use either xbim Toolkit or xbim Flex. When working with BIM data it’s common for organisations to need to process, quality check, and manipulate model data, in order to deliver reliable and valuable output from models – whether that be a simple case of generating geometry, or more sophisticated data processing and extraction to address a customer’s specific needs.

At xbim we know that while the code and logic may be relatively simple, delivering and operating these software systems on real projects can be a challenge, and can often still rely on human
intervention – along with the inevitable errors this brings. Flex Flow is a new “BIM automation” platform which can help BIM teams to handle pain points of working with model data through automated workflows – powered by a secure, scalable cloud platform.

Using Flex Flow, developers and BIM Managers can quickly and easily define workflows that undertake custom processing of BIM data, executing the work rapidly and completely autonomously – without the need for user interaction, giving you consistent output across all projects and model lifecycles.

A particular sweet-spot of Flex Flow is in enabling existing Toolkit software to be easily migrated from legacy on-premise console and utility applications, to a highly-scalable and robust cloud platform, simply by hosting the same code in Flow – surfacing your application through a REST API, and enabling end users and other software services to use your application in entirely new way.

If you’re already using Flex or xbim Toolkit and you’d be interested in Beta Testing our new Flex Flow functionality please get in touch at