We have developed an API that allows you to easily create your own web solutions for building data.  

Flex is an openBIM Platform as a Service (PaaS). Through OData the RESTful API enables developers to build bespoke applications that harness the power of Flex, which allows the creation, querying, editing and visualization of building data. 

Flex is software agnostic, unlike other solutions users are not locked into proprietary tools. The data that comes out of Flex is built on open standards (IFC) enabling interoperability with other openBIM tools. 

You can try our Flex API Webkit at no chargeWe have created a Webkit demo for users to help them get set up with the API. The Webkit contains a set of Angular libraries that can be used to quickly build web solutions powered by the xbim Flex Platform to work with BIM data in the IFC OpenBIM format. Try it now here.  

Flex Webkit Demo

We have a live demo of the Flex Webkit which shows you what you can do with the API such as: 

  • uploading models 
  • querying data across assets  
  • visualizing 3D BIM models 
  • model federation into a single scene 
  • interact with 3D models 
  • show interactive tooltips 
  • select elements within the model 
  • query and filter data in BIM models across domains such as levels and spaces 
  • navigate between domains e.g. find the spaces components are in and vice-versa 
  • analyse models and assets within a portfolio 

The live demo also gives you information about how Flex works.

Find out more about ouWebkit and API on our github site. You will find all the information you need to get set up in the readme file. You might also be interested in using our Flex Comms application to get data out of your Revit model using the handy Revit Plug-in.