The Flex platform can be used throughout the built environment.

Why Flex?

Our partners work across the AECO industry.  Most have one thing in common, the need to develop digital twin functionality for the development and/or ongoing management of a mission critical building or asset.  

Flex offers them an OpenBIM, cloud-based platform with a host of pre-defined modules from which they can customize their digital twin or BIM application.  This means they can use the years of expertise we have in BIM software development and focus on creating new technologies that will keep their business moving forward.  Take a look at our platform to learn more about Flex.

Our Core Industries

Critical Infrastructure

Mitigating risk, reducing costly mistakes and accounting for carbon are just a few of the reasons our clients in road, rail and air choose Flex.


Increasingly challenging, the use of digital twins in the management of our healthcare buildings for asset management and maintenance, safety of staff and patients and hitting environmental targets is something we’re passionate about.

Data Centres

Optimising the running of data centres, both new and current is an emerging area of business as the need increased globally.

Real Estate

Whether its retail, education or commercial real estate the pressure to understand the working of your building portfolio, amalgamate and scrutinize information to make proactive decisions and manage buildings better has never been greater. Flex provides unrivalled AIM functionality and portfolio management for the industry.

What's next?

Book a Flex Demonstration

If you’d like to see our platform in action book a short demonstration with the team, we’ll then provide you with free trial access for 30 days.

Attend a Webinar

Register for our  webinar catalogue where we’ll discuss some of the key functionality of Flex and its usefulness in specific industries or markets.

Talk To Us About Your Project

If you have a project in mind, arrange a call with us and we’ll talk about how we might help.