IFC 4.3 ADD1 schema support

IFC 4.3 ADD1 schema support

In xbim Toolkit we use code generation for the early bound implementation of IFC schemas. Early bound implementation gives you compile time safety of your code, compared with some late bound or dynamic schema implementations. 

As IFC4.3 has been published for ISO review, we joined the buildingSMART implementers forum and started the regeneration process. The major focus of IFC4.3 has been on infrastructure projects of, roads, rails, ports, tunnels, and bridges.

Through IFC4.3 use it adds support for semantic objects in the spatial breakdown and the construction itself. With its focuses being on the construction areas of rails and roads etc, it also supports linear placement of geometric representations which is common for these linear sites. 

The progress of this project can be found in the develop branch and it will soon make it to the master branch. So far, we can read the files and access all the data. Next phase is to support new geometry forms and their placements in the geometry engine (Xbim.Geometry project) so that developers can visualize and spatially analyse the data. 

If you would like to keep up to date with our projects, we have set up a project board for the Toolkit. On the board you can see the updates for IFC 4.3 schema implementation and support for the latest .NET ecosystem developments.