Flex Flow FAQ's

If you’re trying out Flex Flow below are some of the common questions we get asked


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Flex Flow FAQ's

Flex Flow is part of our wider Flex Platform, BIM data you upload to Flow will be stored securely on our Platform. As standard we host data in the UK, however, we can set up data hosting in any Microsoft Azure region for our customers.  For our enterprise level customers we can also

Flex Flow starts from just £2,000 a year for two users.  You can find out more about our pricing here. (link)

Industry Foundation Classes or (IFC) is a standardized digital description of a built asset. Flow requires your model to be uploaded in IFC format because it uses IFC Schema to codify and make sense of the assets that combine to create your structure and the assets within it.  IFC is an open standard, we use it within our Flex applications as we believe that the development of more software for the construction industry that is open and interoperable will facility the increase in sharing of data across a project lifecycle, something that is desperately needed within the AEC industry to improve efficiencies, safety and sustainability. 

You’ll need an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file to upload to Flex Flow, if you use Revit you can simply add our Flex Flow plugin to instantly export your Revit model as an IFC into Flow.  Take a look at our quick video explainer for our Revit plugin here.

Information Delivery Specification or (IDS) is a Building SMART standard developed to define information requirements in a way which can be interpreted and therefore automated by computers. This new standard takes many of the information concepts in the built environment and codifies them in a way in which allows information requirements to be specified in a uniform way. 

Our Flow Application combines with Airtables, you can manage your workflow rules in an excel style format which will automatically change to an IDS file type when you upload it to Flow. 

When you’ve executed a workflow you’ll be given the option to view your results in our application or export your results as a BCF file (BIM Collaboration Format) you can then upload your BCF to other project tools you may use. 

Download sample IFC files

If you’re starting a free trial of Flow you can download some of our example IFC files below or use your own (convert your Revit models into IFC with our plugin) 

Download our dormitory model – a smaller single storey model with multiple rooms and numerous assets within each room

Download our King Arch model – a larger model with multiple floors, glazing facade and atrium