flex enterprise platform

We work with our flex partners to help them create cutting edge BIM solutions for their clients and markets.

introducing flex

The only cloud-based, openBIM platform on the market. Our flex platform allows our partners to introduce BIM functionality to new and existing software with ease significantly reducing development cost, risk and time. 

Flex offers secure, multi-regional deployment of your BIM solutions. 

Why partner?

we've done the hardwork

Partners around the globe are using flex to host and manage their BIM solutions.  Key reasons to partner with us: 

why choose flex

key benefits of our flex platform

Open Standards

A technology agnostic open API that doesn’t lock you or your clients into expensive proprietary standards and software. 

Handles Complexity

Manage large complex BIM models in the cloud with scalable, ‘serverless’ model processing.

Portfolio View

Federate models into a single scene so you can search for, filter and analyse data across a portfolio of assets.

Visual Search

Visual search and querying to quantify, estimate and construct.

ready to get started?

If you’re ready to talk with us about your BIM challenges or a specific project head to our ‘getting started’ area and complete our 3 simple steps to arrange some time to chat with us.  It really helps if we have as much information about our potential partners and their projects up front so tell us as much as you can in the form – you’ll have the option to complete a non-disclosure agreement.