Flex Platform

Comprehensive data hosting and a suite of pre-defined modules for rapid development of BIM and Digital Twin functionality.

Introducing Flex

A developer centric platform, Flex offers comprehensive data hosting and a suite of technical modules for the rapid development of BIM and Digital Twin technologies that run and inter-operate in the cloud.  

Flex removes much of the complexity associated with managing and sharing data in built environment projects. Utilising the principles of Open Data, applications developed with Flex can be utilised & shared across project teams, working with the ‘golden thread’ of data Flex users can increase efficiencies and meet the growing need for compliance

central to our flex platform

Data Hosting and Management

The core underpinning value of our platform is in our management and handling of model data. Your digital twin or BIM model data is hosted in the cloud in any Microsoft Azure region. 

The platform is developed to allow you to view, manage and interrogate data across a portfolio of facilities. Uniquely, Flex can provide a birds-eye view of a  group of facilities and the assets within them.  Not only that but we store model history, allowing you to determine what has changed between model versions, providing you with a complete digital audit trail.

core technical modules

AIM (Asset Information Management)

Take OpenBIM files and transforms them into a database (a ‘structured data repository’).

Unlock information with cloud-based OpenAPIs, that can be interrogated, managed and incorporated with any platform module, and your own data.


Flex Comms

Flex Comms is a no-install way to share and discuss large models with ease that can be integrate with MS Outlook as part of your daily communications.

Load, edit and annotate models, drawings and building data in the cloud and coordinate with the wider team.


A secure integration layer, empowering you to build new multi-user, multi-tenant white-labelled applications with minimal coding.

Integration with existing services, it enables seamless fusing of Flex functionality into your existing applications, providing enterprise grade SSO, support for managing your end users and system usage data.

Flex Flow

Flow allows information managers to create and publish custom workflows that automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks on BIM data.

Workflows that can be created are data validation at the point of model import to quantity take-off, clash detection or automation of checks on physical assets within the building. 


The viewer produces visualisations of your model that is designed for working with BIM based 3D models, providing high performance and responsiveness with the most complex models.

The viewer provides a core set of features including federation, sectioning, colouringloading and creation of BCF viewpoints.



Get real-time alerts from the platform as events occur.

Instantly, share messages about your buildings and projects with your teams .

supporting modules

Revit Plugin

Reliably and consistently export model data, with a coherent set of files and meta-data from your Revit design into the Flex platform at the touch of a button. 

Microsoft Data Connectors ​

Import and export data using Excel, PowerBI and other Microsoft services. 

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