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A low code, no-install application to automate repetitive BIM data checks

Flow provides Project and BIM Managers with a user-friendly tool to automate many of the day to day BIM data checks and verifications – getting you better information deliverables from ISO19650. With Flow we can turn your Information Requirements documents (EIRs, AIRs, BEPs etc) into machine-readable rules, and use those to automatically verify your models. 

Just £2,000 per year

Our starter package includes complete set-up of your account and initial workflows, two users to get started with and ongoing support. 

Additional Users just £75 per month

Adding users to your account is easy and at just £75 per month per user it’s also cost-effective. 

Team Management & Access Controls

You have complete control over your team with your account, managing levels of access and usage is simple.

Data Storage

Flow allows you to look at historical models that have been checked, storing the data for each model uploaded successfully in our cloud based platform. 

Book a short demo and access your free trial of Flow

If you’re interested in getting started with Flex Flow you can use our calendar system here to book a time that suits you, the team will take you through the product features with no obligation to purchase but the option to access a free 7 day trial. 

Who is Flex Flow for?

Flex Flow has been developed as a low code non-technical way for Project Managers and BIM Specialists to automate their everyday BIM data checks.  Our tool can be used to create workflows from EIR’s and PIR’s, automatically checking all of the data in your IFC for exceptional data integrity. 

some of the things you can check with flex flow

Embodied Carbon Calculations

Flow can be used for embodied carbon calculations, returning a range result based on the ICE database.

ISO19650 Related checks using IDS

Information Delivery Specification or (IDS) is a new standard, adopted to change EIR’s and PIR’s into digital file formats that can be checked by Flow. 

Clash Detection

If your need is more complex, such as clash detection our expert team can work with you to customise your Flex Flow rules.