flex demos

A selection of demonstrations from our flex platform


collaborate easily and effectively with flex

If you work with different teams and companies across the lifecycle of your project you’ll know how difficult it is to keep track of project updates and discussions – especially if everyone uses different software to communicate and share. flex can handle detailed communicate streams, allows for model and drawing annotations, uploads and messages – all of which could be viewed as an add-on to your Microsoft outlook package. 

maintain a golden thread

change, track and audit across the whole build process

flex makes discussions around project plans and changes simple.  Zone in on specific model areas, discuss them and track the changes to the model. flex handles all model processing and alterations – a complete audit of the project held in one central place. 

smart building management

manage, maintain and audit assets in one place

If you’re looking for asset management flex can hold a wealth of information about your building which you can then use to plan maintenance and so much more.