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Communicating BIM data has never been easier. Powered by Flex, Flex Comms is a bit like an email but with smart links to your BIM data and documents. Flex gives your email super-powers by fully integrating your BIM designs into your e-mail messages. Don’t clog your inbox with drawings & models, talk about them by using Flex messages instead. Visualise 3D data and drawings in a browser. Easily track, audit and retain your email conversations.  

Project teams can view drawings, data and asset information alongside the 3D model. With Flex you can save time coordinating information and completely automate how you share BIM information with your colleagues, clients and suppliers. Anyone can work with BIM data without needing specialist software, or even the same software versions. 

Flex Comms quickly produces a coherent package of model, documents and data containing just the information you want to share. No fear of drawings showing different data from models and schedules. No fear of sending data out that you didn’t mean to. We have a handy Revit Add-in to help you get your data out of Revit and into Flex.

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Once you have a Flex account set up you can send emails to project collaborators with a view of the model embedded within the message. All the recipient of the model needs to do is register for a Flex account, select the model link from the email and view the model and associated message.

Recipients can create their own view of the received BIM and respond to collaborators with their message via email. Never has it been so easy to view a model, link and track communication using existing standard email communication software. This handy communication tool provides an audit trail of all your conversations around your BIM linked to the model state at the time of the communication.

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