Scenario: I have a model I want to share with someone who doesn’t have the tools to view it. In 3 easy steps you can easily share your building data and models in our free, easy to use model viewer platform.


  1. Install the Flex Revit plug-in
  2. Upload your model to Flex for sharing (see how to export only the data you want your user to have from Revit to IFC here)
  3. Begin a conversation with someone about the model and associated data

The platform is completely self-serve so you can set yourself up instantly for file viewing and easy sharing of building data. We have a handy Revit plug-in for exporting only the data you want to share with other users. Our communication tool allows you to send messages via Outlook that link to model views. Once you have the Revit plug-in you just need to follow the interactive Step by Step guide available within the Flex panel to configure the data you want to send to others then select the New Message button.

Flex Create Message Button

This will upload your model and associated data to Flex where you can edit your message and make any final changes to the data before sending it out to other participants you want to have a conversation with.

Easy sharing of building data

Once you are happy with your message you can add as many participants to the conversation as you want. They can sign up for a free Flex account and view the messages and respond in Flex. The beauty of Flex is that the conversation participants can easily access, view and comment on the model and snapshots of the model without having to have access to specialist BIM software or the skills to use it. The Flex viewer enables users to view building data in an easy to use 3D viewer with associated, images, pdfs and data sheets which are downloadable as Excel spreadsheets. We believe this takes the pain out of trying to access your building data in complex, complicated formats that require specialist skills to view them. Flex makes sharing building data easy.

We won’t bombard you with unnecessary emails once you’ve signed up to use the Flex service other than to confirm your registration and prompt you with the set up details. If you want to contact us for more information you can and if you want to sign up for updates you opt into this by choice and not by default.

We want you to have a hassle free experience that keeps bringing you back to our platform. We have exciting things in our development pipeline that we hope will be of use to your workflow. If you would like to find out how you can be part of our beta testing team and what that means then contact us for details.