Scenario: I want to share some of my Revit data with another Flex user.


  1. Install the Flex Add-In for Revit
  2. Sign up for a Flex account
  3. Use our easy to use wizard to only export the data you want to IFC
  4. Send your exported model to your Flex account

We know exporting data from Revit can be difficult. We know its not always necessary to export all the data to IFC and we know you want better control over the data that you share with others. That’s why we created a Revit Add-In to guide you through that process.

With the Flex Revit Add-In you can choose the data you want to export by selecting the views and schedules you want to share with your BIM collaborators. This BIM data can then be exchanged via the Flex platform and sent to your collaborators preferred tool of communication such as email. Once the recipient receives the communication they can then sign up for free to view the shared BIM data on Flex. This BIM in the cloud approach to sharing data provides an easy to use Revit to IFC data export that doesn’t require your collaborators to be locked into any tools for BIM data exchange.

Clients, BIM information managers, contractors and sub-contractors can share the same view of the data in an easy to use digital building platform. Our BIM viewer provides both a visual view of the building whilst allowing you to easily navigate the building and access schedule and property data. Flex makes it easy to invite people to have a discussion around your building data.