Export a message from Revit in seconds

Our Revit add-in lets you share just the content, documents and data you need with any of your team.

It's a quick, intuitive and repeatable way of communicating just what's relevant at a point in time. Flex provides a full audit trail of what was said and done.

Share building data with anyone

Our Flex Comms system allows you to share designs, drawings and data with anyone you want to to access your building data.

There's no setup, and it's quick and easy to get the information they need, and respond to messages without any specialist software or skills.


Install the free Flex Revit Add-in

Don't have access to a model or authoring tool?

No problem! You can take a look at an existing Flex message using a sample model. You can share this message with any colleagues who may have models.

Start sharing models, documents and data with colleagues in seconds