Xbim are experts in IFC and understand BIM, 3D geometry and construction data. We know that the sizes, and number, of models from multiple proprietary systems cause problems for the people who need to work with the data contained within them. We aim to democratise the use of building information from design to operate, using Open Standards, to address these issues. 

Over the last 6 months we’ve been working on a government funded (Innovate UK) project to develop a solution that allows software developers and BIM information workers to define fast, repeatable workflows that allow for validation, accurate measuring and quantifying of BIM data. The smart workflow automation engine, Flex Flow, will empower people who work with BIM data to coordinate complex validation, augmentation and calculations around BIM data in the cloud, thus enabling repeatable digital data flows compliant with ISO19650 processes.  The first demonstrator of this links up with the ICE embodied carbon database, and enables the calculation of embodied carbon in designs, at any stage of a project’s design. This technology can also be applied to other third-party datasets, for example costing and manufacturers’ data. People will be able to validate models against the requirements defined by a client, classify models automatically, quantify elements within models for estimation or costing, and more.  In fact, we’re keen to partner with developers in the industry to identify and implement new use cases.  Much like “continuous integration” in software development, xbim’s Flex Flow is 100% automatic, allows repeatable processes, is an independent arbiter, and the steps are configurable, and completely user definable.


This Flex Flow workflow engine extends the existing xbim Flex platform which is an OpenBIM compatible cloud enabled platform built on the xbim ToolkitFlex lets BIM software developers build applications and integrations to visualise model geometry and create business processes around BIM data. Data can be exposed to those that need to use it, so that anyone can quickly search, query and filter data. If you’re grappling with the data in BIM models, for design, QA, costing, project management, construction, asset management or any other reason and would like to understand more about how xbim helps partners please get in touch at info@xbim.net  

If you’d like to know more about our Flex Flow smart workflow engine project; how it could be incorporated into your own product roadmap, and some of the ways it can be used, sign up to our webinar on 19th May 2021, at 12.30pm BST.