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Updates to xbim Viewer

In the last few months, we had a chance to use the xbim viewer on some of our customers’ incredibly large and complex projects. While

Innovate UK – Net Zero Flow Project

NetZeroFlow is a technology platform and carbon data set that drives the design of new buildings and the refurbishment and re-purposing of existing buildings, to

‘NetZeroFlow’: enabling designers to measure and reduce embodied carbon as designs evolve, using automated open workflows

The challenges of doing embodied carbon calculations   Last week marked the end of a 9-month long ‘NetZeroFlow’ project part funded by Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund, in which xbim and Circular Ecology joined forces to develop a solution enabling architects and engineers to measure and reduce embodied carbon as their designs evolve.   Driving

case study – Benchmark

THE ROAD TO DIGITAL TAKE-OFF. BENCHMARKS PARTNERSHIP APPROACH TO BIM INTEGRATION BENCHMARK offers globally renowned, comprehensive, cost estimating solutions based on Estimating First Principles. Working

case study – Fexillon

CREATING A FUTURE FOCUSED WHOLE LIFE CYCLE ASSET MANAGEMENT PLATFORM FEXILLON have been in the business of strategic project management within the construction sector for