Author: Elizabeth Henderson

IFC 4.3 ADD1 schema support

In xbim Toolkit we use code generation for the early bound implementation of IFC schemas. Early bound implementation gives you compile time safety of your

xbim – Introducing IFC

Introduction To IFC and Its Relevance To Open BIM If you’re interested in developing BIM functionality for a new or an existing software, it is

The i-ReC project, automated standards checking

Funded by the CIH (Construction Innovation Hub), the i-ReC (Intelligent regulatory compliance) project was a collaborative effort between, BRE Product validation, Northumbria University, and Heriot-Watt

xBIM Xplorer

The xBIM Xplorer is a free, open-source IFC viewer that comes in two versions: stand-alone and web version. Written in C#, the xBIM Xplorer was


4BIM is a £1.2 million project jointly funded by the Technology Strategy Board and its commercial partners. The goal of the project is to provide

nbs National BIM Library

The National BIM Library is a free online library consisting of generic and proprietary BIM objects such as walls, windows, doors, foundations, cladding, roofs in