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About Us – Driving out BIM and Information Solutions

Drawing upon our collective 60 years experience of driving out BIM and information solutions to the construction sector, we don’t think the current solutions are working effectively for users. We aim to liberate building (BIM) data so it can be used by all users

We believe that current tools are driving your practice, whereas your practice should be driving the tools. We create cloud based solutions for the next generation of information management systems for managing your building data. Over the last couple of years we have built a platform, Flex, which revolutionises how both 3D and ‘semantic’ (i.e. data) building information can be managed and exchanged by you (see our blog articles for more detail on this).

We are world-leading experts in the technologies behind BIM. The xbim toolkit is a .Net open-source software development BIM toolkit that supports the BuildingSmart Data Model (aka the Industry Foundation Classes IFC), which is the recommended format for data exchange in the building sector.

Our goal is to be the digital building information platform of choice for owners and managers of buildings assets, and the organisations in their procurement chains. 

  • xbim are vocal supporters of using open standards for data where possible. 
  • We think it’s in the best interests of your organisation, your clients and supply-chain, and ultimately the occupants of the facilities you build, refurbish and operate. 
  • By exchanging building data in open formats, you help collaboration and interoperability in the supply chain.
  • The clients and occupants of a building get data they need to work with for the long term, without “vendor lock-in”.

If you share this view of the world and want to work with us to create amazing products get in touch.

xbim open source

The open source xbim Toolkit has enabled us to work with industry to overcome problems with information management and data exchange for buildings for over a decade. Now in use by 1000s of companies worldwide the toolkit provides core functionality to allow many world leading organisations such as Bentley SystemsViewpointBIM AcademyNBS, BIMTrack and Permasteelisa, deliver software solutions for building data.

The team

Between our three founders we’ve decades of experience of the construction software industry and helped found and build the NBS, Viewpoint, BIM Academy and the xbim Open Source Toolkit.

Steve Lockley, Co-Founder of xbim

Steve Lockley headshot Grounded in industry Steve is an expert in information management systems for the construction industry. As a practising Architect Steve understands how buildings are designed and the process of data exchange throughout the procurement process. As Research Director of the National Building Specification then of Royal Institute of British Architects, Steve has a sound knowledge of information systems used by industry. During a one year career break Steve masterminded the opensource xbim toolkit as a personal project. Steve both co-founded the development of the BIM Academy and continued the development of the xbim toolkit through government funded research projects.

Andy Ward , Co-Founder of xbim

Andy Ward headshotAndy has decades of experience developing software architecture for the construction industry and is an established cloud-based architect. Andy co-founded 4Projects where he was Chief Technical Officer, became Global Enterprise Architect at Viewpoint, was the Instigator and Architect of 4BIM and an Enterprise Web Software expert. Andy has advanced knowledge in security, PaaS, SaaS and scalability.

Martin Cerny, Co-Founder of xbim

Martin Cerny headshotMartin’s core area of expertise is in geospatial solutions. Martin is one of xbim‘s key Software Engineers and a major author of xbimopen source. Martin has also worked in academia as a Senior Researcher at Northumbria University exploring the integration of BIM and geospatial data. Martin is an expert member of CEN TC442 WG2 and the Czech BIM Standards Agency. Martin runs the Czech Republic operation of xbim.


Our xbim Toolkit users say:

“We got into the BIM market much more quickly than without xbim“. 

“If not for xbim, we would not have been able to read IFC files ourselves because – the task would just be too big to be economical.” 

xbim has definitely impacted our firm in a positive way. The 3D viewing in a browser through the .wexbim format was a real eye-catcher for many people that have now become our customers. Using xbim we could more easily demonstrate to them the benefits of the BIM methodology.”