One of our co-founders Andy Ward presented an overview of xbim and their cloud platform Flex at the Glimpse of the Future event on 8 December 2020. If you missed the event but want to know more about what we have been working on then you can catch up with the recording of Andy’s talk below.

We’ll be hosting another webinar, just with us, on Wednesday 20th January.  In this webinar we will give more detail about xbim; the co-founders, the history of xbim and the xbim Toolkit, and talk more about the Flex Platform as a Service (PaaS). This allows developers to build scalable cloud-based web solutions for BIM data. Flex is built on the xbim Toolkit, that allows developers to build web solutions for BIM data using the IFC OpenBIM format.

If you would like to attend on Wednesday 20th January (starting at 12.30 and lasting for about an hour) please register below.