xbim Flex

A cloud-based platform with a suite of technical modules to accelerate development of Digital Twin and BIM applications.

Our partners

The xbim flex platform

Our Flex platform is for companies looking to develop BIM and Digital Twin functionality for their own business objectives.  Our platform is a white labelled, OpenBIM solution with pre-packaged, functional solutions that can be used in combination to create your own applications.     

Our team of expert BIM software developers work with our partners to fast track the creation of BIM and Digital Twin services to meet the future-focused needs of their business. 

Book a Flex Demonstration

If you’d like to see our platform in action book a short demonstration with the team, we’ll then provide you with free trial access for 30 days.

Attend a Webinar

Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars where we’ll discuss some of the key functionality of Flex and its usefulness in specific industries or markets.

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If you have a project in mind, arrange a call with us and we’ll talk about how we might help.

expert founders

who we are

The founding members of xbim have a wealth of experience in the AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) industry, predominately working with BIM, both commercially and academically, on the advancement of the technology and in the development of the standards that relate to its use.

Steve Lockley

Chief Research Officer

Andy Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Cerny

Chief Technology Officer

we understand bim

why we're different

Central to our mission statement is OpenBIM. We bring our heritage as architects, academics and software engineers to solve complex BIM challenges. Our commitment to OpenBIM began back in 2007 when co-founder Steve Lockley opened up the way for developers to free proprietary BIM data as IFC , so that the collaboration and inclusiveness referred to in the BuildingSMART definition could be realised. 

Xbim’s ethos is to actively discourage siloed ways of working and enable open, accessible, collaborative, and altruistic working.

our enterprise platform

more about Flex

Flex is an OpenBIM PaaS that enables anyone to easily visualise model geometry and interrogate BIM data.


Flex is multi user and multi tenant, and has sophisticated role based access control. You’re always in control of who has access to your data & models. Securely access your data from any device 24/7.

Handles Complexity

Manage large complex BIM models in the cloud with scalable, ‘serverless’ model processing.

Portfolio view

Federate models into a single scene so you can search for, filter and analyse data across a portfolio of assets.

Visual search

Visual search and querying to quantify, estimate and construct.

Open Standard

A technology agnostic openAPI that doesn’t lock you into expensive proprietary standards and software.


the latest from xbim

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