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xbim works with software partners to unlock BIM data for clients, project teams and users

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The xbim Flex platform made it simple to integrate OpenBIM capabilities into our software, giving our clients the ability to manage their critical asset data through the whole lifecycle, from design through to a digital twin
Kieran Beggan​ – Chief Executive Officer

We chose to work with xbim because of their innovative tech platform, progressive nature and enthusiasm for open standards

Dr Craig Jones – Director Circular Ecology


xbim help partners build solutions for building information using the Flex API with the assurance that data is securely stored in the cloud using Microsoft Azure data centres. Flex is an OpenBIM PaaS that enables anyone to easily visualise model geometry and interrogate BIM data. Data can be opened up so anyone can quickly search, query and filter data both within and across models produced by a mix of proprietary BIM tools. Get in touch if you’re developing using Open Standards, or would like to, or if you’re a client with software partners who would like to know more about the Flex API.


We enable partners to democratise the use of building data from design to operation through open standards


The Flex API is built entirely on open standards, and exclusively uses OpenBIM formats. Our platform is designed for anyone to build applications and integrations on. Speak to us about using the Flex API yourself.


Project teams can view drawings, data and asset information alongside the 3D model. With Flex you can visualise and interact with 3D models, federate models into a single scene, select elements and navigate models using first person walk-through or kiosk mode.

Secure by design

We’re hosted in secure world-class UK data-centres. You’re always in control of who has access to your data & models, and a full access audit trail is automatically created for you. Securely access your data from any device 24/7.

Interact with BIM Data

Flex provides a number of services to allow you to interact with your BIM data. Flex can handle large complex models in the cloud. You can upload models, search for and filter data across a portfolio of models, query and filter data in models across domains such as levels and spaces, analyse models and assets within a portfolio. 

Cloud Ready

Flex is built for the modern web. No software or hardware to deploy. It’s self serve, secure with cost effective plans for company use.

Flex Comms

Flex Comms, powered by Flex, is a bit like an email but with smart links to your BIM data and documents. Flex Comms quickly produces a coherent package of model, documents and data containing just the information you want to share. No fear of drawings showing different data from models and schedules. No fear of sending data out that you didn’t mean to.

Empowering organisations to build better BIM data solutions

Delivering usable building data to people who need it

We are world-leading experts in the technologies behind BIM. Our goal is to be the leading open platform of choice to build solutions on for owners and managers of buildings assets, and the organisations in their procurement chains.

xbim exists to democratise the use of building information from design to operate, through open standards

xbim help partners build solutions for building information